Create Order
Use this action to place a Bid or create a Sell order.
You can find an example of place Bid implementation on the bid demo page. Or, Sell implementation demo:
It is a common action for both, Bid and Sell order.

Parameters Fields

Order Type

Field type - Dropdown
Possible options:
  • Bid
  • Sell

Order Creator

Field type - Text
Wallet address of the current user that is making this action. For the sell order, this must be the NFT owner. For the bid order, this must be any other wallet except the owner.

NFT Contract Address

Field type - Text
Smart contract address, make sure that it is the contract address that minted the token that we are working with. Also this contract type must coincide with the Contract Type selected in the dropdown above.

Token ID

Field type - Text
The token ID that we want to sell or bid for.

Sell/Bid With

Field type - Text
Token to sell/bid with. To sell for ETH, just write ETH.
To use an ERC20 token, insert the ERC20 contract address in this field.


Field type - Text Price to sell/bid for.


Field type - Number
Amount of tokens to sell or bid for. More than 1 is acceptable only for ERC1155 tokens.

Origin Fees

Field type - Text List Optional field. Origin fees can be set for every order. A list of wallet/fee amount. Fee in numeric format, for example 1% will be 0.01 or 10% -> 0.1 The syntax is, wallet:fee Example:

Events and States

Depending on Order Type selected, these events will be triggered:

Events when making a Bid order

Events when making Sell order

When creating any type of order, bid or sell, an order hash will be returned, save it somewhere as it will be needed later for other actions.
The order hash will be available in the state Order Hash
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