Rarible Protocol SDK - A plugin for No-Code platform, Bubble.

Demo pages

Make sure that the user has connected his MetaMask wallet to your app You can use our Web3&MetaMask plugin

What is Lazy Minting?

Token metadata & minting signatures are stored on Rarible back-end until a buyer fills the order. Then a mintAndTransfer call is made on chain when the order is filled (Someone buys it)

What is ERC1155?

Rarible protocol has two asset types, ERC721, and ERC1155, the main difference between them is that ERC721 creates unique 1 of 1 item, whereas ERC1155, allows the user to create an item with multiple editions (The maximum amount of editions is 2**256 - 1).

Rarible Contract Addresses

You can also check it on the official documentation page here


  • Asset Contract ERC721: 0xB0EA149212Eb707a1E5FC1D2d3fD318a8d94cf05
  • Asset Contract ERC1155: 0x6a94aC200342AC823F909F142a65232E2f052183


  • Asset Contract ERC721: 0x6ede7f3c26975aad32a475e1021d8f6f39c89d82
  • Asset Contract ERC1155: 0x1AF7A7555263F275433c6Bb0b8FdCD231F89B1D7


  • Asset Contract ERC721: 0xF6793dA657495ffeFF9Ee6350824910Abc21356C
  • Asset Contract ERC1155: 0xB66a603f4cFe17e3D27B87a8BfCaD319856518B8
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